My first week as a digital nomad!

So my first week as a digital nomad has been successfully completed! Managing to work and run my business whilst travelling In Russia!


So far, I’ve nailed the balance to be 3 hours of solid focus in the morning at my MacBook, in some very cute cafes straight after breakfast (also the time when I’m at my most energised) and have downloaded the app version of things like @wordpressdotcom to be able to write copy and blog articles on the go, even when offline, which is super handy for killing air/travel time in a productive way.


I have limited calls to business critical ones with my clients, using @skype and found the best way around phone signal challenges for 121 calls with my CMX Associates to be using @whatsapp calls!


My new @apple iPhone XS Max is also a much better size for work on the go, and wow the camera is good!


And I’ve also managed to spend the rest of my days adventuring, and my evenings exploring things I’d never tried before, like ice cold straight vodka and Georgian food! This pic of me is in Red Square having just visited the Kremlin museums, feeling like I’m living my best life.


I’ve now arrived in Vietnam, where I’ll be a digital nomad backpacker for the next two weeks!


I’m keeping track of my experiences adjusting to this new way of working and reflections on travel CX here on my blog and would love for you to follow along! Please sign up below and check out my first week of content!

From Russia, with Love 💗


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